Gratitude is the only service to God

Bhagavan “Brahmasree Sadanandasidha Gurudeva Thiruvadikal often insist that we be grateful to God for all that he has given us. But why, One wonders! God does everything selflessly for us, then why does he seek our gratitude? The answer is very simple, Gratitude is a noble virtue to possess and Bhagavan wishes we all be virtuous enough to be grateful.

I offer my soul felt gratitude and Pranam to my divine Guru Brahmasree Subhananda Gurudev,Brahmasree Anandaji Gurudev, Brahmasree Guruprasad Gurudev, Brahmasree Sadanandasidha Gurudev and Brahmasree Devananda Gurudev with abundance of love. For God’s power through each of these sacred bodies were undoubtedly felt as a miracle to all the Subhananda disciples and words fall short to express the spiritual happiness and growth that I have gained in the journey of life by being  born as a Subahahda Gurudev disciple. In that context, I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to my parents for bringing me up along this path.

Brahmasree Sadanandasidha Gurudevji after the incarnation as Madathipathi, not only ruled the Ashram, but also Gurudev ruled our hearts by his enlightening words, love and care. 17 years of life under Gurudev’s guidance and blessings was a delighted experience which cannot be put in mere words.

I don’t remember a single visit, wherein my mind wasn’t read before I could say anything. Everything I needed, was given without even asking for it, in the form of orders, love, sometimes being strict and adamant. Gurudev would always insist on leading a heavenly life on earth by strictly following the rules and Namasankeethanams.

I can only remember Gurudev with tears of gratitude and love because, In every instances along these 17 years, the service to mankind was delivered in a unique way with miracles and extreme sacrifices beyond a common man’s imagination.We are all indebted to Guruji for being a living example of pursuance, sacrifices and love towards mankind. I deeply pray and look forward for having a miraculous and blessed years of living under the teachings Guidance and love of Brahmasree Devananda Thiruvadikal.

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