Sree Subhananda Gurudevan (28:04:1882 - 29:07:1950)
Founder of Atma Bodhodaya Sangham Sree Subhanandashram
Lord Subhananda born on 28th April 1882 in Kulayikkal, Budhanoor village, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala to the devout Sambava couples Ittyathi and Kochu Neeli. Father was an astrologer and mother was pious woman. The couple was endlessly visiting the holy temples and performed several Pooja and Bhajans for a child. After the long twenty four years of marriage, the fortunate Kochu Neeli gave birth to a blessed child at the age of forty and blissfully named him as Paappan. In small age itself, the “child” started giving spiritual discourses and did wonders. The bewildered parents thought some invisible power had entered their son and took the child to temples and renowned astrologers to seek the remedy. However, the priest in the temple devotionally said “you gave birth to the protector of mankind, a marvelous gift for this Kali Yug; who will be worshipped by millions”.

At the age of seven, from the 16th November 1889 Friday evening, the child has a heavenly light and its rays are omnipotent and its strength bespeaks of Kalki. This experience had lasted for three days continuously and returned to normal life on the fourth day of his eternal sight of Para-Brahma. He discovered that in the inner self of every individual, sparks of this heavenly light is burning and its existence can be realized only with the help of Jagath-Guru. Following mother's death in 1894, Gurudev went on to pilgrimages inquest of studying the super spirit that immersed Him for three continuous days. The determined Gurudev has visited various holy places and met with different scholars, but no one could explain about the meaning of the revelation that He experienced.

Thapogiri : Thereafter during 1914, He went on to a deep mediation underneath a laurel tree for the realization of the divine light which he had experienced for three days from the 18th November 1888. This place is now known and referred as “Thapogiri”. After three years intense meditation He attained the heavenly enlightenment and that was the birth of the Njana Kalki.. Subhananda Gurudev started His noble mission of liberating the untouchable from the misery widely practiced and prevailed from slavery. He mingled with the underprivileged and so called untouchables, to educate them that the God has no distinction between and all creations are equal to Him. He declared there is only one Supreme Spirit and that is the creator, protector and savior of all mankind.

He declared that Lord Himself has taken birth in a Sambava caste in order to eradicate the injustice prevailed. He declared "all are one, one in Athma, one in harmony, you are not alien, if you feel alien that is the ignorance in you, because all are My creation and I am not different any" The life of Subhananda Gurudev spanned a period of 69 fruitful years from 1882()April 28 th) to 1950 (July 29th). Subananda Gurudev attained Maha Samadhi at the age of 69, in 1950 at Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, and His body was buried at Kottarkavu Ahram, Mavelikkara.He was a Unique personality, an unmatched thinker, a social reformer, an embodiment of truth, and the philosopher and Acharya of kaliyug. He was God Incarnated, truly the tenth Avatar of Lord Mahavishnu, undoubtedly the kaliyug Khadgi for all his devotees.

Sree Anandaji Gurudevan (17:07:1924 - 17:05:1988)
The Second Madathipathi of Sree Subhanandashram.
Anandaji Gurudevan born on 17th July 1924 in Cherukole village on the uthradam nakshathra (20th of the 28 stars in Indian astrology). Ammini and Krishan are the parents who lost their first two children during the early infancy due to serious mysterious illness. The parents were seriously concerned about their new born and were terrified by their sad experiences with their previous children. They expected the unwanted may happen to the new born as well that happened when the child was three years old. The child fell very ill as like the other late siblings and the terrified parents took him to all the hospitals and spiritual places to get their son alive, nowhere they could get any desired relief. The worried parents decided to approach Subhanand Gurudev as a last resort. They explained their grief to Bhagvan and pleaded for rescuing their child. Gurudev kept silence for a movement and whispered “this child born with a short life, I will give him a new life and might if you can offer him to serve me”.

The parents were relived and gleefully accepted to do so. In a Sunday prayer meeting Bhagvan carried the child up in His arms and proclaimed “I receive this child to serve the world. I will carryon my mission to save the humanity and I will come back after twelve years in this child”. Bhagvan blessed him and asked the parents to take him home and breed well. In 1936, Bhagvan Subhanand Gurudev recalled the child and ordained him the sanyasa (priesthood) and gave the sanyasa namam (priesthood name) “Anandaji”.

Accordingly Bhagvan Subhanand Gurudev’ s supreme power appeared in Brahma Sri Anandaji and became the Madadhipathi (Ashram supreme) on 04th November 1962. Bhagvan mercifully revealed thousands numerous hymns (Nama sangeerthan) and divine truth to the disciples during the prayers. Subhanand Ashram had no proper place to worship and social services during this period and with the untiring and dedicated supports from obedient disciples, Bhagvan liberated millions of families around the nation. There are numerous Subhanand Ashrams around the country and partially abroad. In 1988, during the 106th Pooram Mahothsav, Gurudev declared that you can hear me through my “Guruprasad” after my samathi (departing the material body). Within few weeks after this, Gurudev departed the idol (humanly body) on 17th May 1988.

Sree Guruprasad Gurudevan (26:03:1908 - 17:05:2000)
The Third Madathipathi of Sree Subhanandashram.
Guruprasad Gurudevan born on 26th March 1908 in Cherukole village on the pooradam nakshathra (21st of the 28 stars in Indian astrology) as the ninth child to Kochika and Kochukunju. Though he was named “Velayudhan”, he was lovingly known as “Velu”. He lost his mother in 1910 and father in 1918. Later he was brought up his elder sister “Paappi Amma” and did schooling up t fourth standard. He was not a believer in God in his young age. During 1928, Subhananda Gurudev was on run as He had born in a so called lower caste. At that time Bhagvan Subhananda Gurudev came to the neighborhood of Velu and Gurudev built an Ashram in “Kallumel” with the full assistance from Velu.
In an atmosphere when Subhananda Gurudev was terrified by the upper class ignorant as he was a paraya (untouchable caste) and His followers were subject to insults, Velu attended a prayer meeting and decided to Subhananda Gurudev. When he gave dhakshina and sought blessings, he saw the everlasting smiling Kalki and felt as reborn in a different planet. He witnessed several extra-ordinary experiences following this and decided to dedicate his life to serve Gurudev and his mission to liberate the suffering suppressed community.

At the age of 37 (1944) when Gurudev started a weaving center for the poor, Velu did all possible hard work to serve Gurudev’s cause better. On 16th November 1947, Gurudev ordained him the sanyasa (priesthood) and gave the sanyasa namam (priesthood name) “Guruprasad”.
He continued serving Athmabododaya Sangh (Subhanand ashram). He continued his dedicated service to Gurudev in spite of old age and several other health related problems.

In 1988, during the 106th Pooram Mahothsav, Anandaji Gurudev declared to is disciples "you can hear me through my Guruprasad after my samathi" (departing the material body). Within few weeks after the pooram festival, Gurudev departed the idol (humanly body) on 17th May 1988. Thereby at the age of 80, he became the third in the Guru parampara. The entire disciples of Gurudev were gleeful and fortunate to witness and experience the kind blessings and teachings of Guruprasad Gurudev. Due to the old age discomfort, Gurudev declared Swami Sadananda Sidhan and his successor and attained samathi (departed the idol, humanly body) on 17th May 2000

Sree Sadanandasidha Gurudevan (08:03:1930 - 22:03:2017)
The Fourth Madathipathi of Sree Subhanandashram.
The Kunju Sankaran and kochukali couples were adherent devotees of Bhagvan Subhanand Gurudev. They lost the life of their first new born daughter and were very sadden and decide to plead Gurudev for His mercy. When they informed their tragedy, Gurudev blessed them and said, “you will get a daughter as a substitute for the lost child and in addition you will also get five sons like pandavas”. Accordingly, they got a daughter and five sons. Their first was born on 08th March 1930 in Cherukole village on the makairam nakshathra (05th of the 28 stars in Indian astrology) and that is our fourth Gurudev Brahma Sri Sadananda Sidha Gurudev. The child was named a Raghavan and brought him up according to the teachings of Gurudev.He was a devoted follower and disciplined worker of Gurudev’s services. Following the samathi of Subhananda Gurudev,he gave his entire time for the welfare activities for the underprivileged and worked in accordance with the directives given by Anadaji Gurudev and later by Guruprasad Gurudev.
On 10th may 1985, the then Madathipathi Brahma Sri Anadaji Gurudev ordained him the sanyasa (priesthood) and gave the sanyasa namam “Sadananda Sidhan”. He had visited and served all Subhanand ashram branches and worked hard untiringly for the benefit of the poor, during this time, the then Ashramathipathi Guruprasad Gurudev declared that the Subhananda divine power will continue His mission through “Sadananda Sidhan”. Following the samathi of Guruprasad Gurudev, he was crowned as Madathipathi on 17th may 2000. Now Gurudev declared for several new welfare projects. A new hospital in ashram’s vicinity is a new project undertaken. On 22nd March 2017 Wednesday at 1.22 am, BrahmaSree Sadananda Sidha Gurudeva Thiruvadikal renounced the idol (humanly body)

Sree Devananda Gurudevan (18:02:1975 )
Present Madathipathi and Managing Trustee
Brahmasree Devananda Gurudev was born on 18th February 1975 on Karthika Nakshathara to the couple Shri. Purushothaman (S/o Narayanan Achary, Ponnambizhethu, Thodiyoor, Karunagappally) and Snit. Santhamma (D/o Narayana Pillai, Puthukkattu, Thodiyoor). The parents and family members were ardent believers and devotees of Bhagavan Subhananda Gurudev, from the early days of Brahmasree Anandaji Gurudev's period.(1963 onwards)
Surprisingly during the time of the divine birth of Devarajan, coincidently a representative of Gurudev, Swamy Vivekananda of Cherukole Ashram happened to reach their home and performed a prayer along with Purushothaman, when the mother Smt. Santhamma was in deep labour pain. The newly born baby was at first handed over to Swamiji. This child was named as Devarajan by Anandaji Gurudev and brought up according to the teachings of Gurudev. He mastered the secret oath of Atma bodhodaya Sangham in the name of God on 28th May 1985 at the tender age of 10. After hearing and learning Sathya Upadesa he heard Dekshina Upadesa and later Kaliyuga Upadesa from Sadanandasidha Gurudev. He was a devoted follower and disciplined worker of Gurudev Parambara and Atmabodhodaya Sangham. He surrendered his entire life time for serving the Guruprasad Gurudev and Sadanandasidha Gurudev.
On 9th March 2014 Sadanandasidha Gurudev ordained him the Priesthood (Sanyasa) along with another devotee Shri. Gopinathanan and he gave Sanyasa Nama “Swamy Devanandan and Swamy Vedanandan” respectively. At that occassion Gurudev openly declared before the prayer assembly of thousands of devotees that, "both were inmates of Ashram right from childhood. Kashayam is given to them to fulfil every future activity of the Ashram in a responsible manner along with the other Sanyasa Parambara. Let them live long and work for the benefits of Ashram, its ideals and for the general public as a whole and become blessed”. The last 23 years of his livelyhood was spend in rendering services according to the directives given by Anandaji Gurudev, Guruprasad Gurudev and later by Sadanandasidha Gurudev.
After the sudden demise of Brahmasree Sadananda sidha Gurudev on 22nd March 2017 he was unanimously decided as the next Successor, of the 5th Madathipathi and Manging Trustee of Atma bodhodaya Sangham, Sree Subhananda Trust, and was welcomed by the entire disciples of Subhananda Gurudev.
The wonderful coincidence of taking charge as Managing Trustee and the 5th Madathipathi in Guruparambara, on the 109th birth day of Brahmasree Guruprasad Gurudev, and on the date of Samadhi of Brahmasree Sadanandasidha Gurudev, both of whom were served devotionally for a quarter of Century, occurred on the very same day as decided by God. During the 42 years of life span Devananda Gurudev had many wonderful spiritual miracles of getting unusual messages, divine visions, prophesies and revelation etc. from the divine power, right from the childhood itself. Brahmasree Devananda Gurudev is indeed a reincarnation of Bhagavan Subhananda Gurudev.

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