Historical Events

Let us now go through some of the historical events of Gurudevs life time, which throws light to the social and spiritual activities of special mention.

Meeting Sree Narayana Gurudev at Sivagiri

  • On 19 / November / 1926

On 19.10.1926, Swami Subhanada went to Sivagiri to meet Sree Narayana Gurudev and stayed there till 1.12.1926, the return of Sree Narayana Guru from Cylon. During this period He had conducted many miracles including the recovery from long standing ailment of Kuttiyamma, wife of A.K.Govindadas of Alummoottil, and thus attracted the respect and affection of the inmates of Sivagiri Mut. On 1.12.1926 He met Sree Narayana Guru and received His blessings wholeheartedly and support for the free and fearless propagation of the belief of the principle of One Caste, One religion and One God for Mankind through the Atma Bodhodaya Sangham. Sree Narayana Guru declared himself that He is also an important member of Atma Bodhodaya Sangham established by Swami Subhananda. He also expressed His desire to see the members of Atma Bodhodaya Sangham and that led to the decision to conduct the Sivagiri Theerdhadanam.

Sivagiri Theerdhadana Jadha

  • (Sivagiri Pilgrimage) 11 / May / 1927

As a result of the discussion with Sree Narayana Gurudev during his first visit, a Sivagiri Theeredhadana Padayathra, consisting of about 480 disciples of Atma Bodhoddaya Sangham led by Subhananda Gurudev was started from Pullikkanakku, Mavelikara, on 11.5.1927 and reached Sivagiri on 13.5.1927. They met Sree Narayana Gurudev, offered Gurudakshina and conducted Prayer Meeting there.

A Sarva Matha Maha Sammelan was conducted at Alummoottil

  • On 16 / February / 1930

On 14th, 15th 16th of February 1930, a Matha Maha Sammelan was conducted at Alummoottil with the patronage of A.K.Govinda Das. The Meetings lasting three days were presided over by Artist Ramavarma Raja, Brahmasri Pranavananda Saraswathi, Swami Dharmatheerdhar of Sivagiri Madom, and Divyasri Evaniose Methropolita.

Gurudevan meets with Mahatma Gandhi

  • On 19 / January / 1934

DuringGandhijis visit to the Travancore (the then kingdom of Sree Chithira Thirunal Maharaja) for the propagation of the programme of Harijanodharanam of the Indian National Congress. In 19.1.1934 Subhananda Gurudev was honored to receive Gandhiji at Mavelikara, Thattarampalam, Sree Chithrolsava Mandiram, in a Public Meeting, on behalf of the royal family and the people, and Gurudev had delivered a great speech enlightening the importance of Harijnanodharanam, and presented a Mangala Pathra, 'felicitatory citation' to Gandhiji. Gandhiji enquired about the individual who received him. Artist Rama Varma Maharaja, the maternal uncle of the Maharaja, informed Gandhiji about Gurudevs mission and the social enrichment activities. Gandhiji was very glad and immediately rose from his seat and walked towards Gurudev and hugged Him with praises and appreciation. Gandhiji congratulated Gurudev and offered all possible supports. Later Gandhiji sent a message to this effect and sanctioned a grant of Rupees 25/- to Atma Bodhodaya Sangham for the welfare of the lower caste downtrodden people.

Gurudevan visit to Maharajas Palace

  • On 31 / March / 1934

In 31.3.1934, Gurudev with His disciples, travelled from Mavelikara to Trivandrum to meet the Maharaja Sree Chithira Thirunal at his residential palace in Kavadiar with the purpose of highligh ting the hardship and sufferings of the underprivileged backward and schedule caste community. On reaching there, the authorities had stopped Him from entering the compound saying that the famous Murajapam ritual was going on which will continue for thirty days and therefore nobody will be allowed to see the Maharaja during this period. Gurudev expressed Hisdeep disappoint ment and said with authority and calmness that please inform the Maharaja that Subhananda Gurudev is here to see him and I will not return without accomplishing my mission. Sooner the Maharaja got the message and instructed the authorities to allow Gurudev and His disciples to see him. Accordingly, Gurudev met the Maharaja and explained to him the various problems and difficulties being placed on the downtrodden and underprivileged lower caste people. Gurudev handed over a Memorandum signed by His Sanyasins and demanded equal right and respect for all in social life and government service.

Temple Entry Proclamation

  • Held on 10 / November / 1935

On 10.11.1935 From Mavelikara Gurudev conducted a Padayaathra with 101 kaavi cladestined devotees to Thiruvananthapuram Sree Chithira Thirunal Maharajas Palace requesting Temple Entry Proclamation. He stressed the demand for the temple entry proclamation. The Maharaja was satisfied with the arguments and demands forwarded by Gurudev and regretted that nobody brought this matter to his attention earlier at this spiritual depth. Maharaja promised Gurudev that all the matters will be considered and necessary actions will be taken to remove the practices of untouchability. Maharaja expressed his desire to Gurudev to conduct a prayer on the same day in his palace! In his next birthday,on 12.11.1936, the Maharaja announced the Temple Entry Proclamation which was appreciated from all over India. He also appointed a commissioner and released the decree to make sure the representation of all section of the people in public services. Dr. Palppus supports and hospitality to Gurudev and His disciples during this visit is thankfully remembered and appreciated.

Gurudevan meets with Dr. Palppu

  • On 2 / December / 1935

Dr. Palppu LMS DPH, the first medical graduate from a backward community who served in Mysore state service and later turned to great social works, was the founder of S.N.D.P.Yogam. He was an admirer of Gurudev and had visited SubhanandaAshram on 2nd December 193 5 and recorded that he never found such a great personality like Gurudev who had a large group of well committed disciples and followers working towards the establishment of dharma allover Travancore.

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Historical Events

Historical events of Gurudevs life time, which throws light to the social and spiritual activities of special mention.


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