History of Sree Subhanandasramam

Sree Subhanada Ashram, the abode of peace and ecstasy in this world was established in 1918 in a very small thatched shed, by Brahmasree Subhananda Gurudev at Cherukole, Mavelikara in Alleppey District of Kerala state, South India. The erarly stage it was a small thatched shed. Later on the Ashram was renovated with much more facilities, and was inaugurated on 2.12.1937 by the Retired Divan of Travancore, Sri V.S.Subrahmanya Iyyer, (President, Kerala Hindu Mission). The Ashram building was again renovated and reconstructed by Brahmasree Anandaji Gurudev and was inagurated on 5-5-1971 (1146 Medam 22).

Subhananda Gurudev entered into Maha Samadhias per his prophesy in 29.07.1950. 12 years after the Maha Samadhi the devine light began to shrine in full strength and power in the Subhananda style and all the devotees believed him as their successor. They appointed him as their Guru, Asramadhipathi, (Chief of the Ashram and mision), in a prayer meeting held in the Subhananda Ashram, Cherukole on 4.11.1962. Swami Anandaji, chosen as successor of the Guru at the tender age of 11, was well trained to take up the task of running the Ashram and carrying on its activities. Anandaji had been Ahramathipathi of Sree Subhanandashram for a period of 26 years from 1962 to 1988. In that period, on 5-5-1971 (1146 Medam 22) the Ashram building was again renovated and reconstructed by Brahmasree Anandaji Gurudevan. During the 26 years(1962 to 1988) Atma Bodhodaya Sangham attained tremendous growth both spiritually and materially. The construction of the Sree Subhananda Janmasathabdhi Smaraka Soudham a five storyed building, Sree Ananda Auditorium, Sree Anandaji Gurudev Shshtyabdha poorthi Mandir, Ananda Vrunda bhavan And construction of somany Subhananda Ashrams at different places including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kanyakumari and many other infrastructures were also made.

On 16.7.1987 Subhanandashram registred as a Charitable Trust, Atma Bodhoday Sangha Sree Subhananda Trust Reg No89/87. On 17 th May 1988 Anandaji Gurudev departed his the idol(Human body). At the age of 80 Guruprasad become third Asramathipathi. In this period established many branches and development programmes by Guruprasad Gurudevan. Gurudev served Atma Bodhodaya Sangham and Humanity till the age of ninety three. Inspite of the discomfort of old age, Gurudev declared his obedient thyagi Swami Sadananda Sidhan as his successor and attained samathi on 17 th May 2000.

Now Atma Bodhodaya Sangham is attaininig tremendous growth, reaching new horizons, attracctting thousands of new devotees from all over the country, under the auspicious patronage of Brahmma Sree Devananda Gurudev who is the present Asramadhipathi and managing Trustee of Atma Bodhodaya Sangham Sree Subhananda Trust. Subananda Ashram had no proper place to worship and to do social services during the earlear period and with the untiring and dedicated supports from obedient disciples Bagvan liberated millions of families around the nation.Now there are numerous Subhananda Ashrams around the country and across the globe.

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In 16.7.1987 Subhanandashram registred as a Charitable Trust, Atma Bodhoday Sangha Sree Subhananda

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Subhananda Sannidhanam stands for the moral ethics that is unhesitant acceptable to the people of all faith.